lunedì 19 aprile 2010

In the Street...Shibuya, Tokyo

Not long ago I was talking about a natural movie set that fewer and fewer places in the world can give you...well...Tokyo is one of those!!... cannot breathe because of the brainstorms and inspirations you perceive at the same time and makes you stop thinking. start shooting without stopping,trying to get the best as fast as possible, everything becomes interesting here...peoples outfits...the shops...the people working... one word...amazing...I love this city!!

Poco tempo fa parlavo di set cinematografico naturale che poche città al mondo sanno darti...ecco, Tokyo è
una di quelle...non riesci a respirare, perché la miriade di idee e ispirazioni che vedi contemporaneamente ti impedisce di ragionare.
E allora spari continuamente cercando di prendere il meglio, nel minor tempo possibile...qui tutto diventa interessante...gli outfit della gente...i negozi...le strade...le persone che lavorano...insomma
tutto...stupefacente...Amo questa città!!

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  1. i love her style!!tokyo is up ahead in fashion trends..they even set their own!!i even shop from e-bay some cool tokyo brands!!if u check out the adds you'll love the different combinations the post of the products so u buy it!!
    another thing!!how the f? i haven't cn your blog!!
    now i am afollower!!thanx 4 the comm!!
    take care!!

  2. thanks for your comment! love your blog, those are some beautiful shots. i'll be following you!

  3. I would absolutely love to go to Tokyo some day, it really does seem like it would be so inspiring!


  4. I would looooove to go to Tokyo !
    The pics are great.

  5. her vest is adorable :) lovely pictures, japanese people are always so quirky and stylish!

  6. I got a thing dor Japan. Love it.

  7. i love this photos...fantastic....<3<3<3
    pass to my blog and follow me!!!:)
    xoxo francesca

  8. Great outfit, I love the hat she's wearing!

  9. I can relate to what you've said about Tokyo being a place where everything is amazing and you don't want to blink because you might miss something amazing.Even tough I haven't been there,I just love Japanese street fashion and Style Arena is my addiction.
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  10. oh i would love to go to tokyo !

  11. God, I love her look.

  12. The outfit in the first pic is gorgeous! It's casual but still gorge!
    Thx for all the amazing photos :)