giovedì 25 marzo 2010

In the Street...Cool Granny, Paris

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  1. Actually, I love the cool hues of blue and gray she is wearing. The coat is quite chic with the fur and suede. Nice photo!

    Visit me sometime at and we can follow eachother. I live in Paris as well.

    Tc, Nia B

  2. I love to see old people in street style blogs... who says they can no longer be stylish? This lady definitely got style. xoxo

  3. i love that she clearly still enjoys having fun with fashion rather than resorting to frumpy frocks and orthopedic shoes.

    lovely blog, by the way!

    les deux - katie.

  4. She is cool... I saw an old woman with a wonderul prada bag and Chanel shoes the other day, jealous much...

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