mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

In the Street...Harajuku, Tokyo

By walking around this city you realize that no one is dressed that same...each one has his one outfit...created just for him.
You can see thousand of trends rising and growing and it's up to you witch one to choose, witch one inspires you most...
The only truth is that street makes fashion...trends are coming from there...Fashion not coming from the streets is sentenced to become "out".

Girando per le strade di questa città, ti rendi conto che nessuno è vestito uguale a nessuno...ognuno ha il suo outfit personale, come se fosse disegnato solo per se.
Qui nascono e crescono migliaia di tendenze continuamente...e sta solo a te capire quale ti piace di più e a quale ispirarti.
L'unica cosa certa, è che a dettare la moda è la strada...i veri trend arrivano dal basso non più dal sistema.
La moda che non nasce dalla strada è condannata a diventare "out".

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  1. its true, im taking a streetstyle class right now in school and we're talking about the influence of fashion on the streets. i love your picks.

  2. Thank you so much for your coment:)

    I really like your photos and post.
    Good job.


  3. I love that girl's boots in the first photo :)

  4. le foto di questa città sono una più bella dell'altra!!!!

  5. Tokyo fashion is so fearless. I admire their courage.

  6. these pictures are great! we would love to go to toyko jus to see their fearless fashion in person!

  7. sweet photos!
    sigh. i wish i were in tokyo :)
    (and thank you for the super sweet comment - stop back soon!) xx

  8. No need to see the girls face in the first photo. Her body language says it all! Nice photo. Love the boots and striped shirt.

    Tc, Nia B
    Dubai's It Girl

  9. thanks for your comment and welcome to tokyo <3
    i agree with the street as a vibrant ground of self-expression ... i always wish i had camera skills so i could snap all the cool/fun outfits i see in town
    inspiration is part of daily life :)

  10. Street style is such an intriguing phenomenon...

  11. One of my biggest dreams is to go to the Harajuku street!!

  12. Your taking photos left, right, and centre of Tokyo. So is The Sartorialist. The jealousy is swelling up, unimaginably inside me. The next established street style blogger to go to Tokyo is taking me there with them, please.

    Keep up this insightful blog.


  13. Your Blog is so Scott... love this blog honey, and anyway Love the Guy style, he is so my self.. haha...
    and ummm... how about Link exchange???

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  14. Wow, I love his and her style.
    Classic cool.